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  • Fincar-5 Tablet

    FINCAR-5 Tablet

  • finpecia Tablet

    FINPECIA Tablet

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  • kamagra-100 tablet

    KAMAGRA-100 Tablet

  • Modafinil 200mg Modawake Tablets

    Modafinil 200mg Modawake Tablets

  • Armodafinil 150mg R-Modawake Tablets

    Armodafinil 150mg R-Modawake Tablets

  • Valcivir-500 tablet

    VALCIVIR-500 Tablet

  • CLOZOLE V-6 Tablet

    CLOZOLE V-6 Tablet

  • Cyclorax-400 Tablet

    CYCLORAX-400 Tablet


    ELEVAT Capsules

  • FEXOGRA-120 Tablet

    FEXOGRA-120 Tablet

  • FUNG-200 Tablet

    FUNG-200 Tablet

  • Multi-9 Tablet

    MULTI-9 Tablet

  • Naprobid-250 Tablet

    NAPROBID-250 Tablet

  • Pain-o-Soma Tablet

    PAIN-O-SOMA Tablet

  • Super Lara-100 Tablet

    SUPER LARA-100 Tablet

  • Veekend-20 Tablet

    VEEKEND-20 Tablet

    Kamagra Jelly - Weekly Pack

    Kamagra Jelly - Weekly Pack

Welcome To Abhiflax Pharma-Chem Pvt. Ltd

Abhiflax Pharma Chem Pvt Ltd. was started in the year 1994 by Mr. Narayan Prasad Bajoria alongwith Mr.Navin Kumar Bajoria which was by setting up a distribution house for the generic products in Pharmaceuticals. After 20 hardworking years in this field we have developed a trusted name as

  • Generic distributor of: M/S. Hab Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd.

  • Generic Distributor of: M/S. Cipla Ltd.

  • Branded Distributor of Cipla Products (Mainly Export Items) to the Reputed Export Houses in India

  • All India Marketing agent of M/S. Micro Labs Ltd. Banglore (Generic Divison)

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Product We Supply

  • Atorlip Tab

  • Azee-1000 Tab

  • Clopivas Tab

  • Donecept Tab

  • Fenolip-145 Tab

  • Fincar-5 Tab

  • Finpecia Tab

  • Kamagra-100 Tab

  • Montair-10 Tab

  • Olmecip Tab

  • Osteofos-70 Tab

  • Ralista Tab

  • Urimax-0.4 Tab

  • Valcivir-500 Tab

  • Valcivir-1000 Tab